Distributed autonomous software agents, private clouds, and basic income

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Distributed autonomous software agents, private clouds, and basic
income – The Dark Light

Storj – distributed autonomous software agents, private clouds, and basic income
A crazy idea to provide basic income for all human beings based around distributed autonomous agent Storj in the link below.

Every human being could be paid to feed Storj (the distributed autonomous storage software agent). Storj could in return feed every human being with Bitcoins.

We are going to reach a point technologically very soon where every aspect of our lives will berecorded (hopefully by ourselves and not by surveillance). Privacy could be protected if a decentralizedautonomous storage software agent were to be developed providing a decentralized private cloud.

Thiscloud will be essential because at some point the brain to computer interface will render even ourthoughts public unless we have a private cloud built to store our data.

The benefits of this for journalists would be that journalists would be able to pseudo-anonymously pay anybody for any life perspective. Scientists conducting studies will be able to pay the homeless guy with Google glasses for his perspective, and unlike with Google it would not be controlled by corporations run by corruptible men. It would be decentralized like Bitcoin, governed by mathematics, and the data you upload would never be shared with anyone unless you choose to share it.

The economy could be built around encouraging people to share their lives and Storj could compensate people who do. This would make it profitable to share, and it would provide basic income for everyone because every perspective is unique enough to have economic value. It also means how we record history and review history will change as well, because we’ll be able to see what life is like as a homeless American in greater and greater detail, from the first person perspective.

We don’t really get to know what life was like as a peasant hundreds of years ago beyond what was written down.

Storj could be set up to encrypt the data with a time lock. This would make it so that it’s impossible to decrypt without the key until an expiration date of 100 years (most people don’t live to be that old).


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