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Decentralized reputation based reward networks and gift economics

What are decentralized reputation based reward networks?

If we look at the reputation system as a sort of human based genetic algorithm in a sort of multi-agent system then it becomes possible to use smart contracts to reward agents which meet a threshold score for certain reputation attributes. These attributes could be for instance how effective an individual agent is at altruism. The agents who are deemed most effective at altruism would receive the highest effectiveness score in the altruistic reputation based network and they could then qualify for conditional discounts, conditional rebates, conditional rewards, from corporations and individuals within that reputation based network.

Is a reputation based reward network?

The Basic Income algorithm which allows for dividend pathways works in a similar fashion where the givers within the personalized safety net become part of the overall Resilience social support network.  The Resilience network accounts for and tracks the altruists who volunteer to pay the tax and at the same time the individuals (individual agents) who pay into the network are given the incentive to shop at businesses which are part of the network. The Resilience network is a sort of reputation network where all who maintain a certain attribute by giving to the community get to remain a part of the community. could be recognized as a reputation based reward network but only in a very limited sense due to the fact that participants may or may not choose to see it that way. If participants choose to build a reputation system on top of then it can become an effective reputation based reward network.

Reputation based reward networks allow for gift economics

In a gift economy nothing is bought or sold. In a gift economy everything given or received is a gift similar to how at Christmas it is a gift economy because everything given or received is gifted. A gift economy can take advantage of reputation so that those who give a lot to others earn a certain reputation which can allow the givers in the network to obtain priority status for rewards. It is also possible to have smart contracts with conditions such that only those who have proven themselves through specified acts of kindness can become eligible for the reward lottery.  In essence in order to enter the lottery you would have to earn lottery tickets which can only be earned by giving donations to certain charities.

Reputation lotteries can leverage greed to encourage effective altruism

  1.  In order to enter the lottery you must be able to prove you did the specified act of altruism. This can easily be shown by a blockchain transaction for example.
  2. For every altruistic interaction you shall receive points which can be traded in for lottery tickets.
  3. The more lottery tickets you have the greater your chance to win the rewards.
  4. All who enter the lottery are guaranteed to receive a permanent badge of honor for having participated whether they win or not. This would encourage the participants to continue playing into the future.
  5. Participants can be human or machine.

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